Obama ‘Probably Should Not Go to Indiana’ & More…

Obama ‘Probably Should Not Go to Indiana’ & More…

This morning, the Washington Times picks up on President Barack Obama’s waning popularity across the country. Reporter Kara Rowland quotes Jennifer Duffy, senior editor for the Cook Political Report, as saying Obama “probably should not go to Indiana.” Rowland continues:

In that state, Rep. Brad Ellsworth, the Democratic nominee to replace retiring Sen. Evan Bayh, is positioning himself as a moderate trying to replace another moderate in a state that’s usually red, but went narrowly for Mr. Obama over Republican Sen. John McCain in the 2008 presidential election.

Whether Mr. Ellsworth will ask Mr. Obama to stump for him is a popular topic in Indiana. On his website, the Republican candidate, former Sen. Dan Coats, has repeatedly dared Mr. Ellsworth’s campaign to invite the commander in chief, pointing to disapproval numbers among voters in the Hoosier State that are higher than the national average. The Ellsworth campaign has told local media outlets the president is welcome at any time.

Today in Washington

As the Washington Post reported back in May , incumbent Congressman Brad Ellsworth will be the guest of honor at a campaign fundraiser hosted by retiring Senator Evan Bayh in Washington, D.C. today.

Congressman Ellsworth, how many lobbyists are attending your event in Washington, D.C. today? What issues do they lobby on and have they ever personally lobbied you on any issues or legislation including the TARP bailout , the failed stimulus , the bloated budget and the health spending bill – all of which you voted for?

Coats on Garrison

During his weekly live call-in to the Garrison radio program on WIBC, Dan discussed

Sunday’s Louisville Courier-Journal piece titled, A Sheriff? Yes, but Ellsworth is now a Congressman . Dan said while having been a sheriff is commendable, “If I was a Democrat incumbent Congressman who has served under Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama…and I was posing myself as a moderate Democrat…I wouldn’t want to take about my record either.”

The candidates for U.S. Senate should be discussing the state of the nation and how it’s effecting Hoosiers, Dan said.

You can catch Dan Coats on the Garrison radio show every Monday at 10 a.m. on WIBC.

Iran Report Coming Tomorrow

The third report in a series co-authored by Dan Coats, former Senator Chuck Robb and retired General Chuck Wald, will be released by the Bipartisan Policy Center tomorrow. You can read the first two reports here and here .