An Incumbent Congressman Fighting FOR Washington

Reluctance to discuss and acknowledge his tenure as a rubberstamping enabler of the Obama-Pelosi agenda, incumbent Congressman Brad Ellsworth has been almost giddy about reminding folks he was once a sheriff.

The Louisville Courier-Journal picked up on this Sunday morning in a piece titled, A Sheriff? Yes, but Ellsworth is now a Congress. In it, Lesley Stedman Weidenbener writes:

But I love that the people representing Ellsworth are acting as if he’s not a two-term member of Congress.

On Congressman Ellsworth’s campaign website, they invite visitors to “Learn about the Sheriff from Vanderburgh who’s fighting against Washington.” Hoosiers have been paying attention to the facts in this race. They see that votes in favor of TARP, the failed stimulus, the bloated budget and the health spending bill – not once, but twice – sounds a lot more like the incumbent is fighting FOR Washington’s liberal interests rather than the interests of Hoosiers.

When it came time to make decisions regarding our economy, spending and the future of health care, Congressman Ellsworth dutifully and reliably supported the Obama-Pelosi line that has led to continued double-digit unemployment, record deficits and unprecedented government intrusions into our personal lives.

Convention Wrap-Up

On Saturday, a group of 1,500 energized Indiana Republicans “particularly motivated” to elect Dan Coats to the United States Senate gathered for the 2010 Indiana Republican Party Convention. Dan spoke to the enthusiastic delegates that morning. In his remarks, Dan said:

This election in 2010 is enormously consequential for so many reasons. As Governor Daniels said this week, we are talking about crisis-level problems that if left unchecked now can grow into survival-level questions for our country as we know and love this country.

Well, now that Senator Bayh has decided to retire (Applause) we absolutely cannot afford to elect someone to the United States Senate – like the incumbent Congressman Brad Ellsworth – who will continue to enable President Obama’s radical move to the left.

Folks, anyone who has voted twice to elect Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House of Representatives and supported her more than 80% of the time can’t be trusted to protect Indiana’s interests in Washington.

Now it’s time to take on Congressman Ellsworth. It’s been repeated up here – he voted for passage of Obamacare – throwing away his pro-life credentials in the process, voted for the President’s runaway “stimulus” program – some “stimulus” right? – and the TARP bailout for Wall Street. There’s no shortage of substantive debate on which we can focus in this election.

[Full disclosure: Pete Seat is the press secretary for the Coats for Senate campaign.]