Cong. Ellsworth Doubles Down on Health Care

During his rare appearances on the Indiana campaign trail, incumbent Congressman Brad Ellsworth has labeled himself a conservative Blue Dog Democrat.  But when he’s in Washington, D.C., he’s a dyed in the wool liberal supporter of the Obama-Pelosi agenda.

Take last night for instance.  Masked by President Obama’s renewed push for cap-and-trade legislation in an Oval Office address, Congressman Ellsworth reaffirmed his support for the Obama-Pelosi health spending bill in a vote that would have repealed the massively unpopular individual mandates that many view as unconstitutional.

In a statement released this morning, Dan Coats said, “Congressman Ellsworth doubling down on health care shows he is more in touch with the Obama-Pelosi agenda than with the wishes of the Hoosiers he represents.”

With 60 percent of Hoosiers supporting repeal of the legislation Congressman Ellsworth dutifully supported not just once – but twice– the Congressman instead chose to heed the wishes of his Democrat Party leadership rather than an overwhelming and consistent majority of Hoosiers.

As Dan said, “As I have traveled around the state one thing has been absolutely clear:  Hoosiers are adamantly opposed to this legislation. From the individual mandate, to billions of dollars in new taxes on small businesses and a slashing of Medicare, Hoosiers are concerned about the impact this bill will have on their personal and professional lives.”

Cap-and-Trade is Baaaaack!

As expected, during President Obama’s first live address from the Oval Office, he renewed his push for cap-and-trade energy tax legislation.

On the first go-around, Congressman Ellsworth voted against the bill, but does he still feel that way?  His official site is sans any statement on last night’s address, so we have to ask the question: Congressman Ellsworth, do you still oppose cap-and-trade legislation that will destroy nearly 30,000 Hoosiers jobs, force energy rates to skyrocket and hit businesses with – to borrow one of the President’s favorite words – unprecedented tax hikes?

[Full disclosure: Pete Seat is the press secretary for the Coats for Senate campaign]