Jim Marshall (D-GA) flails about in the last, desperate throws of a doomed campaign

After supporting Nancy Pelosi myriad times and voting for her as Speaker of the House twice, now Jim Marshall (D-Georgia) wants you to know he’s seen the light. Absolutely. Yup, less than four weeks out from election day…as he sinks in the polls…now he’s announced he won’t be supporting her anymore as Speaker (as if her remaining in that role was even a possibility in 2011 to begin with).

I wonder what brought this sudden pronouncement on? Maybe he finally sees the writing on the wall?

U.S. Rep. Jim Marshall said Wednesday he has cast his last vote for Nancy Pelosi to lead the House Democrats.

“My candidate’s going to be somebody who’s a centrist, preferably somebody who’s going to be speaker of the entire House” who will work with both parties, Marshall said.

He also said he had no alternatives when casting his vote for speaker of the House. If Pelosi keeps her position, Marshall said he doesn’t expect retaliation for his announcement.

Oh, of course not. Curious that he felt now was the time to announce that he thought Pelosi wasn’t working and playing well with others. Where has he been the last four years?

Marshall even has a new ad out today talking about how he, gosh darn it, is his own man and not the pet of Nancy Pelosi.

I wonder how Marshall can explain how a vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House twice is actually a vote against Nancy Pelosi. Or how supporting card check and TARP, things Pelosi champions, is actually him charting a different course.

But why should Middle Georgia continue to hire and re-hire someone who says they are conservative but then has supported Pelosi so often in the past? Why not instead hire someone who has been conservative from the beginning? Someone, say, like Austin Scott?

Pronouncements like these are the surest sign the end is nigh for Mr. Marshall and that he can soon return to teaching law at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia.

Meanwhile, Private William Hudson just e-mailed in a brief video report from Marshall’s campaign headquarters on the status of the re-election effort: