Look no further than the U.S. Military to see the future of "big brother" health care making decisions for you...because of money

As ObamaCare proposals gear up, many have been warning about how its passage will permit the Imperial Federal Government to inject themselves in every facet of the lives of citizens, making them change behavior that is disruptive to the “common good” that universal health care provides.

We can already see a microcosm of what the future will hold for us all in the United States Armed Forces. Already, the system of Veterans Administration hospitals are monuments for government inefficiency, laziness, and suffering patients on waiting lists hoping that they will receive necessary care…some day.

All that care costs money, though! And with the government footing the bill, the calls for changes in the lifestyle behavior of soldiers have begun.

Medical experts say they have a solution for the military’s increasing smoking rates: Ban it. And not just in basic training — stop selling cigarettes and chewing tobacco on post, stop with the discounts at the PX, don’t allow it in hospitals, and come up with a deadline when everyone should be smoke-free.

You read that right. These Wizards of Smart are recommending that the military ban smoking. Everywhere. At anytime. By any of their personnel. Even, one would suspect, in a war zone. Think I’m kidding?

On the battlefield, they bleed harder after surgery, heal slower after injury and are at higher risk for infection.

It is all about dollars, here, people!

It cost the Veterans Affairs Department $5 billion to treat smoking-related emphysema in 2008, and in 2006, the Military Health System spent about $564 million on tobacco-related costs.

That’s almost as much as the $611 million worth of tobacco military stores sold in 2005.

The point here is not if smoking is a healthy pursuit. The point is that those who think with ObamaCare that the Imperial Federal Government won’t one day start telling you what you can and can’t do everyday with their lives and what allegedly “risky” behavior must be prohibited upon penalty of law are fooling themselves.

The worst health care in the United States can be found in Veterans Administation hospitals. And, now, some are starting the call for our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and coast guardsmen to be prohibited from certain activities which are deemed too costly. Frankly, I say they can have as many smokes as they want. They deserve it…but not in the eyes of “experts.”

If it can happen on base or while deployed, it can also eventually happen in your home.