Crybaby Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky: Tea Parties Are "Cheapening" The Messiah's Plans!

Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-Crybaby) is just so gosh darn upset that more than 150,000 people attended the Tea Parties nationwide yesterday. [PRESS RELEASE]

“The ‘tea parties’ being held today by groups of right-wing activists, and fueled by FOX News Channel, are an effort to mislead the public about the Obama economic plan that cuts taxes for 95 percent of Americans and creates 3.5 million jobs,” Schakowsky said in a statement.

“It’s despicable that right-wing Republicans would attempt to cheapen a significant, honorable moment of American history with a shameful political stunt,” she added. “Not a single American household or business will be taxed at a higher rate this year. Made to look like a grassroots uprising, this is an Obama bashing party promoted by corporate interests, as well as Republican lobbyists and politicians.”

Evidently in Schakowsky’s America, people should not be upset that Federal spending is out of control while the Department of Defense is being cut and that liberty and Federalism are threatened.  Yes, it’s all the right-wingers fault for daring to “cheapen a significant, honorable moment of American history with a shameful political stunt.”

Of course, when the left held myriad protests with left-wing activists, fueled by CNN and MSNBC, those were no doubt merely part of an honest and forthright attempt to “educate” us all on the truth about the evil George W. Bush and his thug cronies, right?

Congresswoman Schakowsky seems to think that an extra $13 a week in tax cuts is a wildly helpful sum to obviate the desire for any citizen to think that the Federal government is out of control.  Just pay no attention to the man behind the curtain:

Keep moving, people.  Nothing to see here. I mean, really, how could anyone possibly have a problem with how our tax money is being spent:

Hmmm, on second thought Congresswoman Schakowsky, bite me.  President Obama’s policies are going to be disastrous for our economy and those many brave patriots who attended the Tea Parties have every right to do so.

Yes, you can keep my $13 a week because I’m sick and tired of the way Obama’s critics have been questioned.

Know, Congresswoman Schakowsky, that I am not alone.  A wise woman once said, “I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration somehow you’re not patriotic.  We should stand up and say: we are Americans and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration.”

And who was that woman, Congresswoman Schakowsky?  Why, it was Hillary Clinton, just a few short years ago!

We’re here and we’re not going anywhere quietly. Deal with it.