Obama's State of the Union QUIZ: I'll have a "P" please Mr President

Obama's State of the Union QUIZ: I'll have a P please Mr President

What “P” is a country which hosts terrorists who have killed thousands of Americans and are targeted by US drones, gets billions of US taxpayer dollars in aid yet can afford to buy more and more nuclear weapons, but despite the threat and danger to the US from this country, it wasn’t even named by the President in his State of the Union speech in 2014?

U.S. Army Ranger Sgt. First Class Cory Remsburg receives a prolonged standing ovation at the State of the Union speech, 2014

We all remember the State of the Union longest round of applause that went to wounded veteran U.S. Army Ranger Sgt. First Class Cory Remsburg, who was blown up and nearly killed by a road-side bomb in Afghanistan.

Most of those road-side bombs that have killed and injured thousands of Americans in Afghanistan are made and planted by Taliban forces sent across the border into Afghanistan from what country, begins with a “P”?

Well it’s an easy question to answer but now for the harder political questions and my answers.

Why didn’t President Obama name this dangerous country-name-begins-with-a-P in his State of the Union speech?

Iran is a dangerous country which Obama named 10 times in his State of the Union speech.

Then again Obama has quite a robust policy to confront and to contain Iran.

Whether Obama’s Iran policy is good enough for everyone’s satisfaction is another matter. But his Iran policy is good enough for Obama to be able to stand in front of the American people, to defend his policy, maybe get a round of applause too.

Obama also has a policy about Afghanistan that he must talk about because American troops are in harm’s way there and his policy of withdrawing and ending the war in Afghanistan, is a dove-policy, it’s an Obama-policy but it is not a policy to stop the terrorism coming over the border from this unnamed country, coming to Afghanistan and coming to America maybe like they did before on 9/11.

Obama has no policy to boast about as regards this dangerous country (name begins with a “P”); his policy – “diplomacy, aid & drones” is so weak and ineffective, so dove-like when a hawk-like policy is required, so Obama-when-we-need-JFK that Obama prefers not to speak the name of this dangerous country (begins with a “P”) in his State of the Union speech.

Say the name of this country Mr President. Say it and come up with a better, tougher, more effective, hawk-like policy to deal with it.

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