Oprah's Master Class - Condoleezza Rice

In an intimate and surprising interview, Dr. Condoleezza Rice reveals how her background, ideals and vision ultimately gave her a front-row seat to history. Where does she find her sense of strength and conviction to succeed? How does she face a difficult decision? From her childhood in racially charged Birmingham, Alabama, to her years in the Bush administration, the former secretary of state reflects candidly on the lessons she’s learned.

First aired in 13 February 2011 (and now available worldwide on YouTube).

Oprah’s Master Class (or Oprah Presents: Master Class, as it was titled in the first season) is a primetime television program that airs on the OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.
The biographical sketch is interspersed with personal insights and reflections from Oprah Winfrey on each master’s life lessons.

Notwithstanding that Condi has never promoted herself as a candidate for elected office, fact is she topped a June 2013 poll of Republicans for president in 2016.

Condoleezza Rice tops poll for Republican nominee for President in 2016! (Rice for President Yahoo Group)

So whilst Condi has made history (many times) I’m certainly not accepting that her contribution to politics is entirely “in the past”.

Rice for President Yahoo Group

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