Polls show VP Condi Rice adds more votes for Romney than other picks

Two polls, one published July 18 and the other July 25 show consistent findings that if Romney picks Condoleezza Rice to run for VP on his ticket then Romney-Rice gains many more votes than does Romney with any other running mate.

“VP Rice” is a game-changer for Romney

The experts agree that the polls are telling us that the additional votes Rice could bring to the Romney ticket change the expectations of who will win the electoral game.

Without Rice, with any of the other VP possible picks, Romney looks weak against Obama and Romney’s game looks losing unless something big happens in his favor.

With Rice, Romney’s ticket looks as strong as Obama-Biden. Romney-Rice could beat Obama-Biden but the polling results in so far are so closely tied between those two tickets that there appears to be no clear favorite as yet.

Rice can carry Romney to the White House!

The polls say that Condi Rice is a very unusually popular political figure and it looks like she could carry Romney to victory in the 2012 Presidential election if anyone can.

Here are the two polls

Fox News Poll

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Fox News poll: Voters pick Condi Rice as Romney running mate

Fox News Poll Full Details

Public Policy Polling Poll

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Daily Caller: With Condi on ticket, Romney tied with Obama in Pennsylvania, says PPP poll

Two new surveys by Public Policy Poling show that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice could greatly benefit Mitt Romney as his running mate in the battleground states of Pennsylvania and Michigan.

The poll of Pennsylvania voters shows that while President Obama leads Romney in the state 49 percent to 43 percent, that lead is entirely erased when Rice is listed as Romney’s vice presidential candidate. Not since George H.W. Bush topped Michael Dukakis in the the state in 1988 has a Republican presidential nominee carried Pennsylvania.

Swing state Pennsylvania too close to call

Could Romney-Rice win states last won for the Republicans in the 1988 Republican landslide?

The electoral college map the last time the Republicans took Pennsylvania. 1988: G.H.W.Bush (426 votes) beats M. Dukakis (111 votes)

PPP: Stable presidential race in Michigan and Pennsylvania

One thing that could be a huge game changer in both of these states? Mitt Romney selecting Condoleezza Rice as his running mate. She would give him a 6 point advantage both places, pulling him into a tie in Pennsylvania at 45-45 and narrowing the gap in Michigan to 50/42. Rice is a very unusually popular political figure. In Pennsylvania her favorability rating is 60/27 and in Michigan it’s 56/28. She’s even seen favorably by Democrats- 47/38 in Pennsylvania and 41/40 in Michigan- in both states. Her selection has the potential to be a game changer.

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