Romney should use his VP pick to help him with women voters.

Right now, Romney looks weak in attracting women voters.

The top 3 most admired women in America – Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama – all back Obama for re-election.

If something big were to happen with one of those three then maybe Obama might lose his hold on the women’s vote. If say, Romney went on TV with Oprah and convinced her and her viewers to vote Romney, if Hillary Clinton ran against Obama for the 2012 Democrat nomination, if Michelle Obama filed for divorce – that kind of thing, then maybe Obama would be vulnerable.

Right now, Obama has the women’s vote all but sewn up so Romney needs to do something big to recruit women to his ticket.

Picking Condoleezza Rice to run on the Republican ticket would be Romney’s best move to attract women voters and boost his ticket’s foreign policy experience at the same time.

But Romney needs more women voters’ support. Oprah is the most admired woman with republican women so when she endorsed Obama for re-election that hurt the GOP ticket with women voters.