Romney Rice 2012. Condi - "the right person for the #2 place on the ticket"

Romney Rice 2012. Condi – “the right person for the #2 place on the ticket” (YouTube)

June 26, 2012. Condoleezza Rice is interviewed by Greta Van Susteren for ‘ON THE RECORD’ on the Fox News Channel.

Transcript of the Video

Greta Van Susteren:

At this — in Utah — at a Romney event, you took down the house — people .. Apparently, you got a standing ovation.
You got a huge amount of warmth and support.
If asked, would you agree to be on the ticket with the Governor Romney – if asked?

Condoleezza Rice:

Greta, I shouldn’t be asked and .. because I don’t want to run for office. I ..

Greta Van Susteren:

I know you I don’t want to – but – I know you don’t want to. There are a lot of things that we – people don’t want to do in life but I’m try to sort of gauge, sort of like, if you got, sort of, cornered?

Condoleezza Rice:

I don’t think I’m going to get cornered because I’ve made it as clear as I possibly can this isn’t what I am equipped to do or what I want to do.
I love public service. I loved my time in government. I love policy.
I’m really not a politician. I wasn’t cut out that way. I never ran for student government when I was in high school and so I’ll find my ways to serve but this isn’t the right thing for me.

Greta Van Susteren:

But .. but if you look at the — I would think that when I think one of the things that Governor Romney would look at in terms of enhancing his ticket is he’d look for someone with foreign policy experience. I mean that’s got to be one consideration in this very volatile world.

There’s no denying your foreign policy experience.

Condoleezza Rice:

But there are many ways to put together an administration so that you represent all of the challenges that the President of the United States will face.
And it doesn’t all have to be in the presidency and in the vice presidency.

I am quite certain because I know him and I admire him and I trust his judgment.
Governor Romney is going to find the right person for the number two place on the ticket.

The most important thing is going to be that it’s somebody who is ready to serve should something – God .. God forbid – happen to the president.
That’s the most important characteristic of the vice president and I know he’s going to make a good choice but I know it won’t be me.

Condi is the right person for the number two place on the ticket.

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