66% favor Condoleezza Rice, more than do Obama (54%) or Romney (40%)

Recent polls of Americans show that Condoleezza Rice is viewed more favorably by U.S. voters than is Barack Obama or Mitt Romney.

Rice 66%, Obama 54%, Romney 40%
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Poll results: For Condoleezza Rice, (34% very) + (32% somewhat) favorable = 66% (total) favorable view from likely U.S. voters, from Rasmussen Reports April 27, 2012.

Poll results: For Barack Obama, 54% favorable impression & Mitt Romney 40% favorable impression “among registered voters” say ABC News, April 16, 2012 though the ABC News / Washington Post poll data quoted is for a random national sample of adults with impressions of Obama 56% favorable and Romney 35% favorable.

My conclusion is that Mitt Romney or whoever finally secures the GOP nomination to be the Republican candidate for president in 2012 can add the popular appeal to the GOP ticket needed to beat Barack Obama by picking Condoleezza Rice to run for Vice President.

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