Condoleezza Rice stands by her work and personal life on morning TV

Condoleezza Rice sits down one-on-one to be interviewed by a woman broadcasting journalist (possibly Bianna Golodryga though she is not named in the video) for ABC’s Good Morning America about issues arising from her newly published book “No Higher Honor, A Memoir of My Years in Washington”.

The former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State talks about working for President George W. Bush and standing up to the powerful men in the Bush cabinet such as Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Vice President Cheney and replies to criticisms.

Condi stands by the decision to invade Iraq and the progress with Afghanistan.
She comments on the protests in America now.
She calls on women to stand up for themselves against sexism.
She points out a Secretary of State has to sacrifice his or her personal life.
She has never really met anyone she wanted to live with yet but she says she has a very full and wonderful life.

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