Condoleezza Rice's Iraq foresight dismissed by Bush's generals


The Daily Beast: Condi Rice: The Bush ‘Freedom Agenda’ Won

Condoleezza Rice is too modest in wondering if Stephen Hadley had been right to suggest that she should resign because he, Hadley, told her he would have resigned.

Least of all has Condoleezza Rice any reason to doubt the value of her continuing service to President Bush, the United States of America, the people of Iraq and of the world, of all religions and of none.

To come to the question of whether Condoleezza Rice should have resigned as National Security Advisor as it seems Stephen Hadley may have suggested.

NO absolutely Condoleezza Rice should not have resigned!

Did Jesus resign?
Do angels resign?
Does God resign?

Condi CAN’T resign from being Condoleezza Rice – it is her job for life!

Condi was right not to quit even though her wisdom was overlooked at the time.

Instead, Steve Hadley should have suggested that the Generals might consider resigning so long as they continued to dismiss Condi’s advice.

Instead Steve should have given Condi full support like a truly loyal number 2 ought to have done.

Steve should not have sought to advance his own career at Condi’s expense. This was a disloyal motive perhaps.

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