Washington Monument: From the mountain top to the promised land.

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Condoleezza Rice: From the Mountain Top to the Promised Land.(YouTube)

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Condoleezza Rice
It’s really wonderful for the United States. Obviously the election of, now, President Obama was a giant leap in that direction and I think it said something to the world that America is, in fact, what it claims to be. It’s a place where circumstances matter less; where you came from doesn’t determine where you’re going.

I think it showed that we have had this painful, painful history with race going back to the original birth defect of slavery and yet, step by step, little by little, we’ve overcome it to have first, black secretaries of state and black C.E.O.s of major Fortune 100 companies … and now all the way to an African American as President of the United States.

It’s quite a journey and I always found that when I went around the world it was important to put this into context for people that if you are striving to build democracy in places that are tough or where there hasn’t be democracy before, it’s always a work in progress. It isn’t ever full-blown; it isn’t ever something that you stop working at.

We didn’t just focus on the threat of 9/11 but also tried to look to deal with root causes so the international compassion agenda which had to do with doubling foreign assistance for Latin America, quadrupling foreign assistance in Africa, tripling it world wide. The President’s emergency AIDS relief programme, the Malaria initiative, girls’ education.

These were elements of a foreign policy agenda that while not directly responsive to 9/11 were responsive to the idea that you had to make a better world that failed states, hopelessness among people were among the causes of what happened to us and so I am pleased that we were able to do that.

I have a feeling sometimes when I look back over the headlines that it was a bit swamped by 9/11.

We know we have to deal with the world as it is but we do not have to accept the world as it is.

Imagine where we be today if the brave founders of French liberty or of American liberty had simply been content with the world as it was.

They knew that history does not just happen; it is made. History is made by men and women of conviction of commitment and of courage who will not let their dreams be denied.

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