Condoleezza Rice unveils a Ronald Reagan statue in London

Glory, glory Condoleezza Rice & Ronald Reagan’s truth is marching on! (YouTube)

This video is a music video of an outdoor ceremony held near the US Embassy, Grosvenor Square, London, on 4th July, US Independence Day, in 2011, the centenary of the birth of the 40th President of the USA, Ronald Reagan to unveil a new statue of Ronald Reagan there.

Condoleezza Rice, the Former US Secretary of State, is there representing Nancy Reagan, the former US First Lady and wife of President Ronald Reagan.

Condi thanks the people of Great Britain for the honour bestowed upon Ronald Reagan and upon the American people of establishing this statue of Ronald Reagan, describing the special relationship as an unshakable faith in our values across an ocean and across time, our courage to act on those values, to save one another from trouble and to project those values and hopes for those who still toil in tyranny, understanding the irrepressible human spirit which triumphs because the desire for freedom is universal.

The statue represents Ronald Reagan’s partnership with another great patriot Lady Thatcher, Prime Minister of Great Britain.

The world we see today, a Europe whole, free and at peace, a Europe in which we enjoy friendship and alliance with the former captive states in the transatlantic alliance called “NATO” seemed impossible in the dark days of World War 2 and in the days when the shadow of Soviet communism covered half a continent and even in the beginning of 1989. Incredibly, the Berlin wall came down, Europe was liberated, and hammer and sickle would came down from the Kremlin for the last time.

This gives us hope and optimism and will to stand this those who are still trapped in tyranny, to stand with those who profess faith in our values.

The statue is a commemoration of a glorious past and a call to an even more glorious future.

The video includes images which recall Condoleezza Rice’s role in ending the cold war and the liberations of Kuwait, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

The music is “Rule Britannia” and “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”.

1989: Condoleezza Rice ends the cold war.

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