Condi whips WikiLeaks. Condoleezza Rice politically dominates Julian Assange. [Sanitized.]

Condi whips WikiLeaks. Condoleezza Rice politically dominates Julian Assange. (YouTube)

December 3, 2010. Condoleezza Rice replies to a question by Katie Couric and one from a member of a studio audience about WikiLeaks.

Condoleezza Rice
I think what has happened is a crime. It is up to the Justice Department to figure out exactly what crime it is but it’s got to be prosecuted and punished or it’s going to keep happening and I hope the penalty is really severe because maybe that will deter this kind of behaviour.

The United States cannot exist in a world where we can’t share information within the government with the expectation that is somehow going to end up on the front pages of newspapers. You can’t do business that way. So I hope it is prosecuted and prosecuted severely.

The event was organised by the Council on Foreign Relation for their HBO History Makers Series.

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Wikileaks – Heroes, Villains, Other?

My answer “Villains”, right now, primarily because Condoleezza Rice as my choice for world leader says so.

British Newspaper, The Independent: WikiLeaks vs The Machine

If, as the Independent says, this is a fight between WikiLeaks and “The Machine”, I, for one, am siding with the machine.

I, at least, know the value of discipline and loyalty to the leaders of the free world, whereas it seems Assange and WikiLeaks want to make the headlines irrespective of outcome – sometimes doing good, sometimes risking danger to others.

WikiLeaks is too anarchic right now and Condi should be supported as and when she decides to crack the whip on them.

As Condoleezza Rice, who is, in my opinion anyway, the leader of the free world, precisely promotes freedom and human dignity for all the people in the world therefore WikiLeaks should be more careful to take their lead from her.

I think WikiLeaks needs a new management ethos and organisation hierarchy which works with Condi and her staff at the US State Department (or ex-staff but you know what I mean).

If Assange and WikiLeaks come to order, give an undertaking to toe the line and generally work with “the machine” then maybe Condi will be less severe in the punishments she is looking for.

Generally it is the best advice to appease Condi and give her what she is asking for, most times anyway. The “New World Order” is not an Imperial dictatorship but the world does need a president and it should be Condi, not Assange.

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