Iraq X-file. Terrorist & insurgent proxies of hostile Arab kingdoms, dictators etc

I published the Iraq X-file USA vs USA which is a playlist of 5 videos on YouTube in 2007 but I have not posted them in Red State yet so here they are below.

I was reminded about Saudi duplicity and backstabbing of the US and allies the other day when General David Patraeus interviewed recently in the Washington Post told us that Mullah Omar, the head of the enemy Taliban may be in Saudi Arabia.

PATRAEUS – “I gather that Karzai’s brother met with either Mullah [Mohammed] Omar or his close aides in Saudi Arabia.”

That the head of the enemy Taliban might be thought to be in Saudi Arabia should come as no surprise.

Saudi Arabia appears to be the enemy Head Quarters in the war on terror.

  • Bin Laden, head of Al Qaeda, is a Saudi citizen, as were most of the 9/11 terrorists. Bin Laden may even be holed up in Saudi Arabia right now. Maybe even Mecca where some think he is a holy man. OK that is speculation but what is obvious, to me at least, is that Bin Laden is a secret agent of the Saudi kingdom.
  • The Saudi kingdom doesn’t prosecute financial donors to Al Qaeda or the Taliban.
  • Saudi-controlled satellite stations broadcast pro-terror TV stations and clerics

Basically the Saudi kingdom is fighting an undeclared war against us.

Our real enemy, in “the war on terror”, call it what you will, ladies and gentlemen, is the Saudi kingdom allied no doubt to similar kingdoms and dictatorships who are opposed to the very notion of democracy and are fighting to destroy democracy everywhere in the world, or at least weaken global democracy enough so that they can continue keeping a grip on their own power by suppressing the democracy of the people they rule over.

Who is supporting negotiations with the enemy in the enemy’s stronghold, the Saudi kingdom, from a position of weakness, with the apparent inability of the president of the USA to confront the enemy Saudi King?

Why with thousands dead in 9/11 and a mountain of evidence implicating the Saudi Kingdom, do US Presidents in denial still choose to hold hands and bow to the Saudi King who not only let 9/11 happen but whose kingdom secretly organises terrorism against the US and allies?

Why does the one global super-power go weak at the knees at the sight of Saudi royalty which is backstabbing it?

Why is the super power suddenly a super coward?

It is a political mystery highlighted by the Iraq X-file.

1. Iraq X-File: USA vs USA (1) Support satellite terror TV NOT!

2. Iraq X-File: USA vs USA. (2) Arm the enemy. NOT!

3. Americans stabbed in the back by the Saudi Kingdom

4. America’s ‘allies’ Saudi & Pakistan: ‘enemies’ more like!

5. Satellite terror TV incites Jordanians to terrorism in Iraq.