Corral the Governors and Mayors - ASAP

Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti via AP, File

Corral your Governor and Mayor – ASAP

By the time you read this, I hope it’s obvious we’ve suffered a political coup in 2020: the illicit imposition of a new way of thinking and behaving about the ordinary and expected morbidity and mortality in nature.  You’ve been drafted without registration into a total war against an invisible enemy, a soldier in the new People’s Republic of Hillary’s Village.  Social Justice and Climate Justice Warriors fatigued by no traction and being ignored are re-woke and energized by the bewildering success of the new VJW, the Virus Justice Warrior.

Lucky for us there’s the Constitution to the rescue, but only if you use it.  The Founders of America designed the Balance of Powers between three co-equal branches of government, so this abuse of the executive emergency powers must be addressed immediately so it will never happen again.

We must legally corral the governors.  Mine here on Kentucky radio sounds like a Middle School Principal talking to Middle School Children.  Since protest signs saying We Are Not Your Children have not dissuaded him, more serious correction needs to happen.  You have a role to play, if you wish your progeny to enjoy the liberty and freedoms we thought were our birthright.

This essay is a draft outline for legislation that you can cut and paste, improve, print/mail and send to your state house representative and state senator.  Or call both today and insist that we need a state law clearly binding the governor so that they may only use executive police powers when they have facts of an imminent and overwhelming catastrophe.  Let’s unpack three key parts.

FACTS.  Not models, which are a sexy, sophisticated form of speculation and gambling.  Even better yet the governor must possess incontrovertible facts, which means that no matter who examines the facts, only one conclusion would be drawn from them by a reasonable person, not several possible interpretations.  The beautiful thing about facts is they are not dependent upon assumptions or predictions from supposed experts.   Legislative Committees are the place to sort out the difference between facts and assumptions, and to decide which assumptions are prudent and useful.  Governors who declare emergencies get to use only facts.

IMMINENCE.  Not something months in the future!  A situation is imminent when there is no time to consult the legislature in order to prevent harm, e.g. 48 hours or less.  For example the President can shoot down an incoming missile, it is imminent, but only Congress can declare war. (Yes even war against an invisible enemy).  So the State Legislature is the way We The People give another indispensable thing the Founders insisted upon, The Consent of the Governed.

OVERWHELMING.  It’s not overwhelming when an individual can readily react by washing hands, standing apart, or being considerate of others.  A situation is overwhelming when an individual, or groups of people, cannot cope without outside help.  Bacteria and viruses are ubiquitous, and the human immune system is usually up to the task, and when it is not we usually do a great job protecting both the vulnerable and our inalienable rights.   Tell the VJW: no they are not morally superior to you for parroting media fear mongering about a virus.  You living your best life, considerate of others, kills no one.  Two million of us die every year from several different causes, none of which gives license for Socialist Utopians to desperately grab at powers they don’t have, their man made heaven on earth causing more harm than good.  Flattening the Curve= Prolonging the Problem=Spreading the Misery=Egalitarian Liberalism.  Sell it to a legislature – or not.

Since the Republican Party moved left of center awhile ago, their members need the same refresher course in American Civics as your local Democrat public servant.   It’s your duty to give it to them, a way more important obligation than wearing a face mask.  The principle reason governments exist is to protect rights, health is largely your individual responsibility.  Unconfuse any official and especially any Catholic bishop who has it backwards.  The Church gave the Founders the Principle of Subsidiarity, but that’s another future article, I digress.  Government coercion has nothing in common with Christian love which is totally from free will.

Live normal; tell anyone foisting a New Normal, a.k.a. illegitimately imposed Socialism, to figuratively kiss your American @ss.

To quote my schoolmarm governor, ”repeat after me”:  a Governor may only use Executive Emergency Powers when in possession of facts of an imminent and overwhelming crisis.  All other cases, consult the actual lawmakers, the Legislative Branch.  If confused, the governor can consult the judicial branch, as judges will decide if the governor overstepped their bounds as described in this new law which God willing will pass.

I know you are busy but let’s please get it done.  Together we can get through this, and I mean the intolerable breach of God given rights and the unbalance of powers, not a potentially dangerous chest cold!  Mockery and humor towards would be tyrants will hopefully have the VJW join the climate, and generic, social justice warriors, who mean well but don’t realize they already live in the most amazing Republic in all of human history.  Warn everyone your quiet cooperation thus far was definitely not agreement with their breach. It must not stand!  Legally corral the governors and mayors ASAP.