Barack Obama should officially recognize our military's progress in Iraq

Please welcome Pete to the front page. Pete is a veteran of Iraq and the Chairman of the nonpartisan Vets for Freedom. — Erick

Today, Vets for Freedom is starting a $2.2 million ad campaign to pressure Barack Obama to officially recognize our military’s progress in Iraq (he can recognize our success by supporting S.R. 636), highlighting along the way his neglect of military matters in the United States Senate.  Here is the ad we’re running: 

 Barack Obama’s history on matters directly affecting our military men and women is a matter of public record.  As you can see, in the ad we highlighted Sen. Obama’s vote against emergency funding for our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq in 2007; he preferred to hold out for a timeline in Iraq that would have constrained our troops from successfully carrying out the objectives of the surge.  We also drew attention to the fact that Barack Obama has not held a single hearing on Afghanistan, despite being the chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on European Affairs, which has jurisdiction over NATO activities.  The ad buy is focused on California, the state with the greatest population of veterans, and to date, no other 501c4, 527 or other outside group has committed these kinds of resources to any one state. Some of the cheerleaders of defeat have accused us of playing partisan electoral politics, despite our support for pro-victory veterans on both sides of the aisle.  That is not the intent of this ad or of Vets for Freedom in general; our goal with this ad and our previous ads is straightforward: to educate the American public about the importance of achieving success in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Please join us and tell Barack Obama to make support for our troops a priority.