Tancredo Offers To Drop Out if Maes Joins Him; Maes Refuses

The Denver Post is reporting that American Constitution party candidate tom Tancredo offered to drop out of the race for governor of Colorado of Republican candidate Dan Maes would drop out too. Maes refused.

Maes’ refusal ended the last hope for defeating Obama Democrat John Hickenlooper in November. Tancredo has enough name recognition that he’ll easily pull enough votes from Maes to give Hickenlooper the victory. The only way for Hick to lose would be for Conservatives to unite behind a single candidate. That won’t happen.

Maes will lose votes because he was recently fined for breaking campaign finance laws and his lies and half truths about his success as businessman. The guy’s also a RINO.

Unfortunately for Tancredo, there are too many idiots in Colorado who will vote for anyone who has an ‘R’ after their name. It also doesn’t help that he’s ticked off the tea party groups by going back on his “No Third Party” stand.

As much as I would love for this to be a case similar to NY-23 where the grassroots rallied around Doug Hoffman against Republican candidate (and Democrat supporter) Scozzafava, it’s not going to happen. Tancredo has alienated the grassroots.

Unless Maes or Tancredo (or both) drop out soon, Hickenlooper is going to have an easy victory. Governor Hickenlooper will kill any useful changes proposed by the new Republican majorities in the Assembly and he’ll get to pick at least one (and maybe as many as four if Clear the Bench Colorado succeeds in their goals) Colorado Supreme Court justice. A Hickenlooper victory will also strengthen the new government union which would have been killed by both Republican candidates.

A Hickenlooper victory will add a dark cloud to what’s looking like a bright day in November.

Originally posted at PerlStalker’s Ramblings.

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