The Decline & Fall of America: Look to California

“We don’t want to risk losing even more power.”  In 2003 a member of the Central Committee for the Los Angeles County Republican Party answered my question of why they were not fighting to win more elected positions.  Or even running any credible grass-roots ground game.

California has been surrendered by the Republican power structure because they were more concerned about preserving their personal power – which translates into money in their pockets, too.

Look at California today.  One party rule.  Economic decline.  Two-tier social class systems:  Powerful Wealthy Elites and disadvantaged poor.   Elites openly declaring the right to rule because of birth and/or education.

Sounds extreme?

Look at the numbers.  California claims economic success based on more jobs being created and fewer unemployed.  Home prices jumped 20% in the last year – obvious recovery!

BUT.   Unemployment decreased in June because nearly 2  people permanently left the workforce for every 1 person going back to work (40,400 people no longer counted vs. 24,200 jobs added) .  Of the jobs created, the majority were low paying, service industry jobs.  Many of these jobs rely on Government spending, for example the Health Services hiring spree resulting from implementing the Affordable Care Act – also mostly low paying, entry level jobs.  As for housing, prices are being driven by purchases of existing homes by investors.  First time home buyers still can not afford to buy most California homes due to decreased income and scarcity loans.

Yet, California’s Ruling Elite has been welcoming illegal aliens with open arms.  Promising government services, welfare, drivers licenses, and possibly the right to vote.  Yes, California promotes allowing “all that are here” the ability to vote – it’s only fair.

We haven’t even covered the $65 Billion High-Speed train that will be built using long lengths of current track that will limit top speed to current train top-speeds.  Or Los Angeles’ proposal to pay people to vote because turn-out has been so low (and it’s only illegal to pay people to vote in Federal elections).  Or the Honors Student Business Club President at a Cal. State University graduation proudly displaying a t-shirt stating “Hispanics are white people from Europe, along with other statements including advocating that California belongs to Mexico.  Or the high-ranking Los Angeles City government official proudly carrying a well-worn leather portfolio with the word “Mexico” embossed in large letters.  Or the elected State official that intervened in the trial of his son – accused of murder.  The list goes on, and gets uglier.

Americans to often look for the single event or signal that communicates when something bad happens.  That’s how we lost California.  It took 40 years.  Today California’s a State run by and for a single party.  Laws apply differently to different people based on heritage, family, fame, and political considerations.  (Remember Linsday Lohan repeatedly violating probation, and never serving prison time the way a “normal person” would?)

Now the rest of America has sadly followed the same path.