Biden is going to drop out- say "Hello VP Clinton"

With Biden admitting today in New Hampshire that Hillary would be a stronger VP candidate and a better choice than him, you can bet that the Obama team is floating this as a trial balloon.

Even though he is a gaffe machine like no other, even a dummy like Joe Biden is not stupid enough to just say some OTHER candidate is a better choice than him. Not to mention his overweening arrogance and insufferable self-conceit would prevent that scenario.

Add this in with Obama meeting Bill Clinton for a “lunch” this week- and you can bet a LOT of money that Biden will be out in the next 2 weeks due to “medical problems associated with his previous aneurysms”.

If Steve Schmidt and the McCain team are smart, they would begin hitting this point EVERY DAY.

Bring up Obama’s worthless promises- like Rudy Giuliani did at the Convention, and then say that it would not surprise anyone for Biden to be dropped because he was such a woeful decision. This would lead to two possible outcomes: it weakens Joe Biden in the minds of the public and the Obama camp has to then come back and say “no Biden is actually great and we are sticking with him”

Or as more likely, it sets the groudwork for being able to bash Obama once he makes the switch as the fraud and incompetent he truly is. Either way we win.

But we have to act NOW to prepare the public opinion battlefield.