Biden (D-Plagiarism) confuses brigades with BATTALIONS..

Hmm, guess all that foreign policy gravitas and learning of four decades in Washington never really paid off for the guy. Then again, with his FIVE military deferments it is not shocking that Biden has NO CLUE as to anything to do with the military.

“And for the third time since his acceptance speech a week ago, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee confused battalions and brigades.

“Over a year and a half ago,” Biden said of Obama. “He said we need two more combat battalions in Afghanistan.”

Actually, Obama called for two more combat* brigades*.

A brigade is bigger than a battalion — a brigade, in fact, is composed of a varying number of battalions.

The chairman said he expects to receive an agreement soon signed by the Iraqi and U.S. governments. “It’s going to say it’s time to turn over responsibility to the Iraqis and set an absolute date to bring our troops home,” Biden said. “So, if Barack Obama is the agent of surrender, George Bush is the one signing the surrender papers!”

Biden noted that he “left part of me here in Ft. Myers. You have one of the best hospitals in America, Lee County Memorial,” he remembered. “They have my gall bladder.

“I got down here one time with my dad and wife at three o’clock in the morning, and woke up with this awful, awful pain and thank God, thank God, you have — it’s rated one of the top 100 hospitals in America, so you should be very proud. And I can testify to the fact that you’ve got the best doctors and the best nurses of any place I’ve ever been, and I’ve spent a lot of time hanging out with doctors and nurses.”

But it wouldn’t be a complete day for Biden if he didn’t make a slip-up about who’s actually at the top of his party’s ticket.

“We’re stepping up to the ball here, the Biden — excuse me, the Obama-Biden administration,” Biden said. “No, that wasn’t a Freudian slip, I was just talking about myself,” he said as the crowd laughed. “Believe me, believe me, you got it right, Obama-Biden, I got that part,” Biden continued, laughing.

“Oh, Lordy day, I tell ya,” he said, chuckling as his voice trailed off.

Jake Tapper, ABC The Note September 4, 2008