Obama's 245th Flip Flop...

Along with throwing Jeremiah Wright under the bus,

flip flopping on Jim Johnson within one week, the status of Jerusalem flipping within ONE day, his positions on gun control and abortion and the surge in Iraq, timetables for retreat, campaign finance money, debating Mccain “anytime anywhere” and

about one hundred other issues we can add YET ANOTHER flip flop..

Anyone else see a trend here? Just coincidentally whenever the polls or the audience wants something, Obama miraculously has a position to grant them their wish. Even though he had the opposite position the day before. Strange..

This particular flip flop was in Titusville Florida to the NASA team yesterday. Before he was for cutting their budget, now he has seen the light and has always been for full funding.

It would be nice if the GOP or some bloggers could start rolling out ads showing his waffles from one direction to the exact opposite tack. And then at the end of the ad show Obamessiah whining to the press to stop asking him questions so “I can finish my waffle here”.

I think that you could do an entire series of waffle ads and hand out waffles at the RNC Convention and trail him everywhere with waffles. That would get the idea out in mainstream America that Obamboozle can not be trusted in anything he says..