Iraq Trip is going to hurt Obamessiah

One thing that I have been dwelling upon lately has been the possible consequences of Barack’s Superstar World Tour 2008. He believes that he can gain Presidential stature and gravitas. However, one thing he may not have counted on is the same thing that has helped him win the nomination in the first place. Namely, the mainstream media.

Imagine that Centcom and MNF-I is able to go on the offensive five days before Obama touches down at BIAP. IF they are able to wreck Al Qaeda and the Quds Force in that week and deprive our enemies the ability to launch massive VBEID and SVBEID attacks- the GOP has a chance to radically change the view of the Iraq liberation.

And not through anything we will do. But, suddenly, the vast minions of the media who trail behind the Pied Piper of liberalism is going to be on the ground in BAGHDAD. What are they going to do while they are there?!

There are only so many interviews with Malia and Michelle Obama that they can conduct. They may have to actually go and INTERVIEW MILITARY OFFICERS at the Al Faw Palace. They may actually WALK AROUND BAGHDAD MARKETS. They may actually interview Iraqi police and civilians, and grab a beer from one of the 55 alcohol selling stores in downtown Baghdad.

And these facts will start to come out. Let us pray we can keep our enemies off balance and the media will be forced to report the truth of progress in Iraq.