Truth Be Told: Obama States That He Is the Beneficiary of Unusually Positive Press Coverage

Truth Be Told: Obama States That He Is the Beneficiary ofUnusually Positive Press Coverage, whereby, the media become lobbyists for Obama, without being registered as lobbyists.

Recently, I have seen numerous guests on various TV news and commentary programs debating whether Obama is and has beenfavored by the media. Along these lines, the McCain Campaign hasrun a TV commercial having clips which show well known TV newspersonalities appearing to favor Obama.

Now, who is better to enter this debate than Obama himself?

Obama’s second book is The Audacity of Hope, by BarackObama, 2006, First Edition, Crown Publishers, New York, New York,ISBN-13:978-0-307-23769-9, ISBN-10:0-307-23769-9, www.crownpublishing.com.

In The Audacity of Hope, Obama himself has stated that hedoes receive unusually positive press treatment. In addition,Obama has stated that, at times, he receives undeservedly postivepress coverage.

I have read that book, and for those of you who have neitherthe time nor the inclination to read the book yourself, I provideyou with a quote below.

Please note that the words that are capitalized in the quotebelow have been capitalized by me for emphasis, not by Obama.
On page 120 of that book, Obama states the following:

“But for the politician who is worried about keeping his seat, there is a third force that pushes and pulls at him, that shapes the nature of political debate and defines the scope of what he feels he can and can’t do, the positions he can and can’t take. Forty or fifty years ago, that force would have been the party apparatus: the big-city bosses, the political fixers, the power brokers in Washington who could make or break a career with a phone call. Today, that force is the media.

A disclaimer here: For a three-year span, from the time that I announced my candidacy for the Senate to the end of my first year as a senator, I WAS THE BENEFICIARY OF UNUSUALLY — AND AT TIMES UNDESERVEDLY — POSITIVE PRESS COVERAGE. No doubt some of this had to do with my status as an underdog in my Senate primary, as well as my novelty as a black candidate with an exotic background. Maybe it also had something to do with my style of communicating, which can be rambling, hesitant, and overly verbose (both my staff and Michelle often remind me of this), but which perhaps finds sympathy in the literary class.”

It is clear, that consistently for over 5 years, and to thepresent, the media bestows upon Obama both unusually positiveand, at times, undeservedly positive media coverage. Clearly,Obama and his campaign know this. And with Obama’s knowing this,I would be surprised if Obama and his campaign did not take fulladvantage of such positive media coverage.

And, to go one step further, it would not surprise me ifObama and his campaign would use the unusually positive and, attimes, undeservedly positive media coverage as integral parts oftheir campaign.

Finally, I submit that benefits accruing to Obama from bothunusually positive and, at times, undeservedly positive mediacoverage can have effects of (a) overpowering a deficit inregistered lobbyist support and (b) overpowering a deficit ingrassroots support.

In a sense, the media become lobbyists for Obama, withoutbeing registered as lobbyists.