McChrystal's Failure Is Also President Obama's Failure

First off lets not give any credit to the behavior of General McChrystal and the other top military staff in his “inner circle” who were dumb enough to allow exclusive access to a reporter from Rolling Stones Magazine. That is just insane and unprecedented. From a military standpoint his behavior was inexcusable and his resignation was warranted considering the circumstances.

Now I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist, but the unusual circumstances of how all of this went down has to make the average American wonder what General McChrystal’s motives really were in allowing the Rolling Stones Magazine article titled, “The Runaway General” to be written let alone be publish? Just think about it for a second. An exclusive interview with a reporter from Rolling Stones Magazine. Come on!! As an American this makes me wonder just what the hell is going on in Afghanistan?

Then on top of the fiasco of McChrystal’s resignation yesterday the liberal media began spinning the events as President Obama finally demonstrating his strong leadership skills. Last night on Hardball, Chris Matthews was loving all over the President highlighting that Obama was finally stepping up and demonstrating his leadership skills by fulfilling his Constitutional duty as Commander in Chief. Really Chris Matthews. After more than a year in office he finally is stepping up and leading after he was backed into a corner by McChrystal and otherwise had no choice? Sounds like real leadership to me.

The truth is that Obama’s Afghanistan strategy is nothing short of a circus at this point. Which also includes the events of yesterday that utimately led to McChrystal’s resignation. The handling of the war in Afghanistan by President Obama and his administration officials during the past year should anger every American who supports our brave men and women in uniform. All the Obama Administration has accomplished thus far according to the article is to make things worse in Afghanistan by increasing political tensions with his withdrawal date strategy and the actions of his inept administration officials in Afghanistan. Which by the way resulted in bolstering support for the Taliban and increased the number of American soldiers killed.

In my opinion McChrystal must have been so frustrated with the Obama Administration’s policies that he had a, “you want the truth you can’t handle the truth” moment. Or maybe he thought that the prospects of winning the war were so bad that he just thought to himself what the hell. Either way I have tremendous sympathy for the man after reading the article. What did we expect him to do give his two weeks notice and collect unemployment? I hope he receives some credit for shinning a much needed light on just how bad the situation is in Afghanistan. I am hopeful that the the Rolling Stone Magazine article will be read for what it really is a scathing indictment of the failed policies of President Obama.