President Obama Signs Law Increasing The Federal Debt Limit To 14.3 Trillion Dollars

In case you missed it, today is a very historical day in the history of this great nation. Yes that is right folks. You are probably thinking to yourself that today has just been like any other day. But the historical significance of today won’t be published on the front page of every newspaper America. Nor will you won’t find it as the lead story on your local television news broadcast.

Why is today so historical?

Today is the day that President Obama signed legislation increasing the nation’s debt limit by $1.9 trillion dollars. That’s all. Just another day in Washington. According sources there was no planned signing ceremony. According to ABC news, President Obama signed the legislation behind closed doors and with no cameras present.

The legislation was quickly rammed through Congress last week. Now signed by the President, the bill raises the total amount the federal government can borrow from $12.394 trillion to $14.3 trillion. The justification for raising the debt limit given by Democratic Party leaders in both the House and Senate was so the government could function the rest of the year. What ever happened to cutting spending?
O.K! Today’s historical event is not Washington crossing the Delaware River. But to many American voters concerned about the fiscal health of our country, today is just as critical to our future. Today is the day that should ingrained into the minds of everyone concerned about out of control spending in by our federal government.

Boy wouldn’t this be great bailout strategy for every American family struggling to make it in this economy. Families that don’t have job’s and who are losing their homes could just contact all the credit rating companies in America and force them to increase their credit ratings so they can borrow more and more money.

When will the madness stop?