State Of Narcissism, President Obama's State Of The Union Address

According to Wikipedia, the definition of narcissism is defined as having or exhibiting the personality trait of egotism, specifically in reference to a set of character traits associated with self-image ego. The terms narcissism, narcissistic, and narcissist are often used as pejoratives, denoting vanity, conceit, egotism or simple selfishness. Sometimes it can be applied to a group in the terms of elitism. I just think it is kind of funny how the simple definition of the word narcissism pretty much sums up President Obama’s entire State Of The Union Address to Congress Wednesday night.

As I watched the entire State of the Union speech, I couldn’t help but feel like I was listening to my high school principal telling me just how bad of a person I was and how listening to him would make my life better.

In fact, the speech wasn’t really a speech. It was more like a lecture on how things ought to be according to President Obama’s world view. The speech did not clearly lay out the challenges we face as a nation and what the Obama administration plans to do about them. Then to say in the speech that the American people need to muster up the courage to follow him was just a slap in the face.

It baffles me how someone who campaigned on changing the tone in Washington continues to snub his nose at opposing views. It is because of Obama’s leadership not former President Bush’s, Washington is now more partisan than ever. In his speech President Obama was lecturing everyone. Congressional republicans, the American people, and even the Supreme Court Justices were the victims of President Obama’s furry. That kind of tone really isn’t stirring up bipartisanship in Washington.

President Obama also made it clear in the speech that he and the liberal left wing of the Democratic Party will continue to shove their liberal agenda down people’s throats. Word to the President and democrats controlling Congress, this is the real reason the American people are frustrated and angry. It is a failure to listen not communicate that is the real problem.

What the speech did do is demonstrate just how out of touch the President and the Democratic Party is with the challenges that everyday Americans face each day. They believe the answer to our problems is more President Obama and more government control of our industry and our lives. What the American people need right now is not a helping hand but a strong plan to move our country forward. That just wasn’t evident in the State of the Union Address.