Not Impressed By The Obama World Tour

The Obama World Tour is finally coming to an end (Thank God). I’m sure I’m am like most Americans who are wondering what exactly was the point of all the hoopla. First, Obama hasn’t accomplished enough at this point in his political career to deserve such a treatment by foreign leaders. Yes, he is a second term U.S Senator and the Democartic Party Presidential Candidate. But he isn’t our President and doesn’t represent an authoritative voice on the world stage elected by a majority of the people in this country.I guess the purpose of the tour from a campaign perspective is to make Obama look more presidential, hiding the fact that has no experience whatsoever in foreign policy. Or the campaign may want to show that Obama will rebuild our image abroad which left wing, liberals feel has been significantly stressed as a result of the Bush administration policies.

The question is shouldn’t Obama have done this after the election instead? This tour once again reminds the American People of the narcissistic characteristics of Obama and his campaign. Lets just say this was of bad taste.

The tour was a gamble for Obama because there were no new significant policy statements or a “new course” laid out by Obama regarding Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact in Iraq, Obama suggested that he would keep troop levels the same for at least another two years before he began drawing down troops. In Afghanistan he would actual increase troop levels thus escalating the war there. This should tick off the antiwar wing of the Democratic Party and also go against Obama’s original campaign promise of immediate troop reduction after he begins his presidency which most Americans now want. Basically, the speeches and policies were more of the same fluff and no substance that we are used to hearing form Obama.

There is no doubt that the upcoming presidential election is not going to be decided on the basis of foreign affairs issues like terrorism and the War in Iraq. This election will be decided by which candidate best addresses domestic issues like the economy and high gas prices. A pointless global tour considering the issues that will decide this election just seems pointless to me.

Furthermore, the way Obama was treated by world leaders is troubling and should give us some insight on what a potential Obama Presidency would look like. Obama wants to make the United State more involved in global government efforts. His Berlin speech is clear evidence of this. American voters cannot trust this man as president. The strands of narcissism in his character combined with his socialist, global government tendencies should be questioned by every American voter.