Blame Bush Campaign Strategy Showing Signs Of Cracking In New Hampshire Senate Race

Many political analysts are questioning whether or not the blame Bush campaign strategy that won the Democrats a sweeping majority in Congress in the 2006 election will still be successful this time around. The latest RealClearPolitics average of major polls shows that the Democratic led Congress actually has lower approval numbers than President Bush (Congress 17.3% approval rating to 28.3% approval rating for President Bush.

Makes one wonder why if Americans are so desperate for change they continue to have a higher approval rating for President Bush than the Democratic led Congress? I say that Americans are beginning to understand that President Bush has kicked into lame duck mode for the past year and a half.

An analysis of the New Hampshire Senate race between GOP incumbent John Sununu and his democratic challenger former Gov. Jeanne Shaheen is a perfect example of how the blame Bush strategy is beginning to falter for democratic candidates.Now as a conservative I’m not a big fan of John Sununu, but this race gives us some great insight on what is happening on the ground this election. According to an article in today’s New Hampshire UnionLeader the race between Sununu and Shaheen has been tightening rapidly. Very surprising considering how long Sununu has trailed by double digits.

Sununu trailed badly in early UNH polling — by 16 percentage points last fall, by 17 percentage points in February and by 12 percentage points in May.But, unexpectedly, a new UNH poll last week showed Sununu had nearly erased the deficit and was trailing Shaheen 46 to 42 percent, within the 4 percent margin of error, for a statistical dead heat.Washington-based Rasmussen Reports on Friday released a poll showing Shaheen leading Sununu, 45 to 40 percent. Last month, the same pollster showed Shaheen leading 53 to 39 percent. Click Here To Read More

Gov. Jeanne Shaheen campaign has followed the Democratic Party blame Bush game plan to the letter tying Sununu’s votes in the Senate to President Bush’s agenda. With the race tightening many New Hampshire pundits are struggling to figure out why. This has also left the Shaheen campaign flat footed.Despite the tightening of the race the Democratic strategy of blame Bush rages on with this wonderful quote from a State Democratic Committee top adviser.

“This election,” said state Democratic Party senior adviser Kathy Sullivan, “is a referendum on the eight years of George Bush and the failures of his administration.” Of course I see (the tie between Bush and Sununu) as an issue. John Sununu has been a big part of the problem. He has demanded no accountability whatsoever from this administration,” Sullivan said, citing as examples the war in Iraq, no-bid contracts for private work in Iraq and the justice department’s firings of nine U.S. attorneys last year.

This is where the Democrats are wrong. This election is not a referendum on the eight years of Bush Administration policies. Americans are beginning to look at towards the future post Bush and see that the Democratic led Congress hasn’t really done anything but blame Bush. It is Bush’s fault for high gas prices. It is Bush’s fault for the slowing economy. It is Bush’s fault for the house market decline and mortgage crisis. Nah Neh Nah Neh Nah!.

The sound bites are getting annoying. Democrats keep complaining but have yet offered a viable solution to address the problems facing our nation. I assume that people are frustrated and beginning to see through the Democratic Party propaganda machine. Democrats promised more accountability and less corruption what we got is more pork, tax increases, and even more corruption. They promised to get our troops out of Iraq what we got was troop increases.

Voters are frustrated and I think it is fair to say that they are frustrated with both President Bush and the Democratic led Congress. Something I think many GOP candidates need to start thinking about.