"Constitutional Education" - When an Idea Bears Fruit

Last fall our esteemed leader Erick Erickson and FP contributor, Aaron Gardner, initiated a great idea for us to read and learn about the principles that form the foundation of our conservative beliefs. This would allow us to not only understand why we believe as we do, but refute Liberalism and the Leftists. It was known as the RedState Book Notes: A Group Project. Please read Erick’s post on the plan.  It essentially was for a reading group and did well through the first couple of titles.  Andyd has been the one to remain faithful in doing the readings and write-up on a weekly basis.  His most recent post was on  “Liberty and Tyranny.”

Last week, Vassar spoke about putting our writings – diaries, into a special category so that not only would the members of RS learn about the founding principles regarding our conservative beliefs, but the application of them, posited in the writings, would be helpful as well.  Vassar notes, it is important to educate ourselves about our conservatism, in order to educate others.  He used the term “Constitutional Education.”  He also suggested it as a possible Hot Topic line, perhaps in the future this can be done.

Beaglescout then came along and titled this concept of Constitutional education at RS, as “RedState University” and initiated the process by which diaries could be categorized with the tag, “RedState University” and anyone going to the link would find the wealth of writing so many great minds at RS have written, all addressing some aspect or application of Conservative principles.  These may be analysis of the Founding Fathers, discussion of laws and amendments, society and economic issues impacted by government – the list is endlist.  The folks who wrote book note diaries could go back and tag their diaries with the RedState Unversity tag.  Thus far we have asked for any of you to look at your writings and if they fit this category of Constitutional Education, add the tag.  My understanding of how to do it:  Go back to your diary, click manage, then go to the bottom for the tag listing, add RedState University, and be sure to remember to click “Save” and it should take.

Second item.  Mriggio requested a book list of suggested readings, which I would love to do.  To quote:

“This type of listing/discussion might help some of us who still operate on ‘instinct’ to locate uplifting literature that fills the ammo belt with facts & logic, is fun and educational, and closely jibes with our world-view.”

I would like to compile a list of books related to Constitutional principles, that we as conservatives read, study and enjoy.  If you like, please leave your titles for me in this diary, or whenever you see me post in these types of diaries.  I read quite a bit and will pick up on them.  Additionally, I may be able to write a one or two line note for each one, just to help identify the purpose of the book.  I am open to any and all ideas to aid in this library resource for RedState University.

One last thought, all of this started with a seed of an idea planted by one of our good members, Vassar, expanded on and developed by Beaglescout; and me –  I am just along for the sheer joy of being able to do whatever I can for the Conservative Movement.  A perfect example:  Ausonious and his “Butterfly Effect” diary.