No, They Do Not Teach This In School Anymore

Valuing Life

This is  a diary I felt compelled to write.  Last week I read a news item and magazine article, both of which got me thinking. In 1963, a momentous Supreme Court ruling occurred.  It removed prayer from public schools.  My premise:  the removal of prayer, a spiritual foundation from the public school curriculum, laid the groundwork for Roe v Wade in 1973. The continued minimizing of the concept of God and valuing life, which is based on moral precepts, contributed to the explosive numbers of abortion that have occurred in this country over the past 37yrs.

Having prayer and exposure to the concept of God, a Supreme Being, something greater than ourselves, teaches us to value life.  Once the Left was able to remove and thus undermine the moral basis for this in society, they moved incrementally the rest of the way. Now we have physician assisted suicide in some states, and we will be facing “death panels” with Socialized medicine.  If we as a society do not teach our young to value life, they cannot embrace it, for they lack the moral tenets to hold on to.  A tiny human being becomes an inconvenience, not real, and then there is no reason to nurture the new life.  Remember, candidate Obama said he “did not want his daughters punished with a baby?”  So, if society removes moral responsibility, we do not have to feel any consequences.

In Houston, Texas, a Planned Parenthood facility, its’ largest, with over 78,000 sq. ft. is set to open this April. There is a surgical wing that will perform second-trimester abortions.  That means abortions up to 25wks.  Today, with modern medicine, we know that life can be viable as early as 21-23 weeks.  The news story related to this of course, was the presence of pro-life demonstrators who picketed the building on MLK Day.  Many of those protesting were representatives of the Black and Hispanic clergies, because yes, this PP facility is surrounded by low-income Black and Hispanic neighborhoods.  We already know this frequently is where PP locates their clinics, but a little publicized fact is that this building is right outside the main gate of the University of Houston, enrollment – females – 18,371/male – 17,733.  Now we have PP giving ready access to the poor and vulnerable, and young and vulnerable students at a major university.

The second item I read came from the Weekly Standard, an incredible article by Jon A. Shields and David Daleiden, “Mugged By Ultrasound.”  It is long, but an important discussion regarding the people who perform abortions; some eventually develop a conscience, stop and begin to work on pro-life causes.  The article spoke mainly about the emotional distress, increasing now because of 3D ultrasound showing the perfection of a tiny human body, with a beating heart, movement, everything.

How are the two stories connected?  The first one brought to my mind the trains transporting millions of people to the concentration camps run by Nazi Germany.  People living in nearby towns and outside the very gates claimed ignorance after the war.  How could they not have known?   Smokestacks going night and day are hard to miss, and the smell of burning flesh does not just dissipate.  In the Shield and Daleiden article, 3rd trimester abortion provider George Tiller is discussed, and there is this statement, “to handle the large volume of biological waste (ie. infant body parts-my words), Tiller had a crematorium on the premises.”

We took prayer and God out of the public schools; the Leftists/Socialists are continuing to work on removing God from the public consciousness, and without a moral foundation, there can only be moral relativism, no moral absolutes and clarity.  The end result, you have society saying anything goes, no guilt, no shame, no bother and no consequences.  I feel certain the Founding Fathers never intended for this to be the result of the tenets they so carefully laid out.  Society needs a moral compass, it is on the road to self-destruction without it.  Our schools do not teach moral absolutes, they have been taken over by Leftists/ Secularists who continue to push to have no limits for decadent behavior.  We have a “safe schools” czar, Kevin Jennings, who advocates teaching innocent children perverted things that they really cannot begin to understand.  Jaded wrote about this czar, here.

Last week, The Directors of RedState posted a powerful FP diary, In Memoriam.  Aaron Gardner, a FP contributor wrote a poignant comment in it, if you have a chance, please read it.  He said, “he weeps,” I say, “we all should weep” and never stop trying to teach those around us to value life.

We may eventually, by God’s Grace, overturn Roe v Wade on legal grounds, simply because it is a violation of the right to life, declared by the Declaration of Independence and supported by the Constitution.  Until then we will always be fighting a very dark enemy – men who think they are God.