"Better Late Than Never"

Jaded and Penguin’s Excellent 9/12 DC Adventure

“Better late than never.”  That is the phrase we overheard from a fellow sardine (rider) on the Metro, which we boarded in Vienna, Va. to DC.  Packed as noted, like sardines, that Metro train made many stops along the route, where no one else could board, leaving the metro platforms filled with 100’s of people to wait for the next train.

The overheard phrase initiated discussion.  The statement is self-explanatory, but let’s talk about what it meant.  The individual who said it, was speaking for all of us on these trains bound for Washington, our nation’s Capitol. Why? – to tell the government that we want it to stop.  Stop infringing on our lives; stop telling us what to do, stop taking away our freedoms and controlling us.  You see, that is how far the government has come.  Insidious, sneaky , and oh-so-nice.  A little bit here, a tad there, and now almost, but not quite, completely – have we been taken over.

The March to the Capitol was to tell the government that we want control back.  Were we able to do that?  Only a fool would pretend that something extraordinary had not happened yesterday.  Jaded and family, penguin and husband, joined 100’s of thousands, probably over a million, but I’ll leave the final number count to the experts.  I can tell you from observation, we were like a rookery of penguins marching on Pennsylvania Ave toward the Capitol.  People poured in from the side streets and the numbers surrounding the reflecting pool were awesome.  Whenever one heard the roar of the crowd, it was exhilarating.  The most important aspect about all of this, was seeing the core constituency of our great nation descend, in huge numbers, upon the seat of government, in protest, to stop the destruction of our Constitution and harm to our nation.

Who was there?  Many have already noted gray-haired people in wheelchairs, children, old, young, people from all walks of life, from probably every state in the Union.  Jaded noted “that it is a sad state of affairs, that things have become so bad  that old people and people in wheelchairs need to come out and protest their government.”  Doesn’t that tell us something?

We joined the masses (clean, neat and polite folks), helpful all around, and marched to the Capitol. Couldn’t see much, due to the crowds, but could listen.  Favorite activity was seeing all the creative handmade signs:  “Stop Taking our Childrens’ Inheritance,” “Throw the Bums Out- All of them,” “Liberty and Life,” “It Isn’t Just the Dems,” that was one of my favorites.  Republicans have been complicit in bringing us to this state of affairs.

What are we going to do?  Well, the Tea Parties are a great start.  Get active, join groups and organizations working to stop this Socialism.  Replace this Congress in 2010 and 2012.  Go to the marches and protests.  A fellow RedStater, Janis, notes that for every person at this march, 50-100 were unable to attend.  The people want our Constitution back, the one our Founding Fathers set up.  We want to abide by the Constitution.  Also, ask yourselves, How does a new President go from ‘all’ glory and honor on Inauguration Day, to over a million people protesting him and his government 7 1/2 months later?

Would we march again?  Absolutely, 100 times over.  As the man said, “Better late than never.”