All Good Things . . .

As readers here may be aware, I have transferred the bulk of my blogging and writing energies over to the New Ledger, which was founded by RedState alumni and which features a number of us there. I had sought, initially, to continue to post activist pieces here, while at the same time, blogging about politics, policy, and various other eclectic issues over at A Chequer-Board of Nights and Days, which is lodged at the New Ledger, and contributing long-form pieces for the New Ledger, all in conjunction with my responsibilities as a Senior Editor there.

Upon reflection, however, it has become clear that it would be best for me, for the New Ledger, and for RedState, whose own mission is changing, to throw my energies fully and completely into my work at TNL. As such, this shall be my final post at RedState as a Contributor. Effective upon publication of this post, I shall resign the position I have held for nearly five years.

I wish to thank Joshua Treviño for having helped found RedState and for his vision and dedication to the site. He, along with Ben Domenech, Thomas Crown, Clayton Wagar, and Mike Krempasky, were responsible for extending an invitation to me to start writing here since the very day the site launched in July, 2004. I am most grateful to them for their kindness and graciousness. I shall be working with Ben, Clayton, Dan McLaughlin, Francis Cianfrocca, and Leon Wolf over at the New Ledger. I am sure that over time, other familiar names will join our ranks, which I look forward to.

I am confident that RedState will achieve the goals Erick Erickson has worked so hard to attain as the site’s CEO. My thanks extend to all of the fellow Contributors who honored me with their friendship, their affection, their kindness, and their support. I shall, of course, make known to them personally the depth of my gratitude, though I am certain that my small and meager efforts at eloquence shall do no justice to the value of the many gifts they have seen fit to bestow upon me in the course of our friendships. I hope, and trust that they know that even if my words of thanks seem poor and inadequate, I shall try by deed to ensure that the sentiments in my heart speak more eloquently to my appreciation than mere words ever could or will.

I thank all of the RedState community for your kind attention, readership, encouragement, constructive criticism, wit, humor, and activism. Because of your participation in the affairs of our country, what Ben Franklin said about our Republic remains true; it is symbolized by a rising, and not a setting sun. Always remember that whatever the level of cynicism that may sometimes surround politics, policy, and current events in general, civic participation is a noble and glorious thing. And civic participation matters. My life, and the life of my family has been influenced greatly and dramatically by politics–especially the politics associated with my family’s decision to emigrate to America, and my great good fortune to have been a citizen of the United States since birth.

No matter what anyone tells you, never think for a moment that politics and civic participation is irrelevant. It is not. By your enthusiasm, your skill, your intellect, your dedication, and your fervent and informed love of country, you will help strengthen and renew the American compact, and America itself. I hope to have continued interaction with as many of you as possible over at my blog, and I do hope that you will visit the New Ledger as part of your daily online reading as often as possible.

Last, but certainly not least, I thank Mark Kilmer for his friendship in life, and for his lasting inspiration, as I seek to be a better man.

Farewell and good luck to all of you.