Worst. Senate. Majority. Leader. EVER.

Harry Reid thinks that it is perfectly fine to filibuster judges appointed by Republican Presidents, but that it would be a sin against the Lord to filibuster Democratic health care reform plans. The fact that Reid is a Democrat probably has something to do with this, though you will never catch Reid admitting that. Not only is the Senate Majority Leader a hypocrite, he also is deluded enough to think that others have not caught and will not catch him on his hypocrisy.

Oh, and Reid engaged in more name-calling in which the facts undermine the insults–as Ed Whelan points out, it’s kind of bizarre to claim that one was fooled by John Roberts when one voted against Roberts come confirmation time. Not that I think Harry Reid is difficult to fool, of course, but in this case, Roberts did nothing to fool Reid. Reid is just fooling himself. He does that a lot.