So Much For Educational Choice

House Democrats have killed off the school choice program currently going on in DC. If Senate Democrats and the White House–headed by a President who gets to send his kids to private school while poorer families in DC have to depend on the tender mercies of Congress and the White House to do the same–follow suit, the program will end. The Washington Post puts matters well in its editorial. An excerpt:

. . . the debate unfolding on Capitol Hill isn’t about facts. It’s about politics and the stranglehold the teachers unions have on the Democratic Party. Why else has so much time and effort gone into trying to kill off what, in the grand scheme of government spending, is a tiny program? Why wouldn’t Congress want to get the results of a carefully calibrated scientific study before pulling the plug on a program that has proved to be enormously popular? Could the real fear be that school vouchers might actually be shown to be effective in leveling the academic playing field?

The message coming out of the House Democratic Caucus is a simple one: The teachers’ unions are more important than students and their families. That’s HopeAndChange for you when it comes to education.

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