Card Check: It's Worse Than You Thought

So sayeth Mickey Kaus, who points out that the legislation appears to allow federal arbitrators to impose a two-year contract in the event that a newly unionized employer cannot come to an agreement with a new union. This will include “freezing in place hierarchies and job categories both across industries and within individual firms.”

How anyone expects the economy to thrive and prosper when government is empowered to swoop down on individual businesses, tell them that they have to abide by a certain agreement with a union and take away the business owners’ abilities to promote, demote, and set up other elements of the hierarchical structure within the company is, of course, anyone’s guess. The people who wrote the card-check bill obviously have an enormous amount of faith in the omniscience and good intentions of government officials.

Won’t it be something when those people see how disastrously things will turn out, assuming that the card-check bill is actually (perish the thought) passed.