Attacking Bobby Jindal

A good compendium of counterattack links is found here. But if that isn’t enough, we also have Warner Todd Huston explaining why Jindal is so important and why the other side feels so compelled to take him down.

One can also watch the 60 Minutes piece on the Governor to realize the significance of Bobby Jindal. His political opponents realize that whatever the effect of one speech, the Governor will be a force to be reckoned with for decades to come and that his rise represents a threat against the established Democratic (note the absence of a small “d”) order. Thus the desperate attacks, launched at a fever pitch, to try to take the Governor down. It’s not working, of course, but that may not necessarily stop the Governor’s political opponents; as far as they are concerned, facts only get in the way when it comes to smearing and sliming Republicans.

Though I am sure that he doesn’t like it, and while the wording of his post tries to keep up a smidgen of controversy about the matter, even Kevin Drum is forced to admit that there’s not that much there there when it comes to attempting to manufacture a Jindal scandal. I would be even less generous, but at least, Drum makes it clear that there pretty much is nothing to the manufactured scandal.

Too bad his is a lonely voice on the other side of the partisan divide. But then, that is what happens when the overwhelming majority of people on the other side of the partisan divide simply choose not to be honest concerning this issue.

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