Trouble In Paradise

Her dig at George W. Bush notwithstanding, it is clear that Nancy Pelosi’s veto of any prospect of reviving the assault weapons ban that Eric Holder and the Obama Administration want, demonstrates that despite the election, Second Amendment rights are still very much on the march. This little incident shows a great deal; we see that Congressional Democrats are very much aware of lines that they ought not to cross and that the Obama Administration should not cross, and that the Attorney-General and the Administration did nothing by way of consulting with Congressional Democrats before coming out in favor of the assault weapons ban.

Political clumsiness + a misreading of the sociopolitical situation = potential trouble down the line for the Obama Administration. The Speaker may have pulled them back from a misstep in this particular case, but the Administration’s (pardon the pun) jumping-of-the-gun signals that there could be serious political missteps in the offing.

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