Obama Administration: 'We Need A Stimulus Package Really, Really Fast . . .'

“Too bad we don’t have the personnel available to spend the money.”


. . . Paul C. Light, a New York University professor who tracks the transition, said Mr. Obama had announced 56 of nearly 500 officials who need Senate confirmation, nearly twice as many as Presidents Bill Clinton or George W. Bush had by this point. But just 36 have been formally nominated and 26 confirmed, closer to the historical average.

“They were really fast in the first 100 meters,” Mr. Light said, “but this is a 10,000-meter process, and they’ve slowed down quite dramatically. I would have bet you the farm they’d break the recent record, but now they’re on pace to become the slowest.”

Remember: This was supposed to be a disciplined, organized process that would exude competence. It is certainly exuding, but the thing being exuded no longer resembles competence in any way.

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