Paul Krugman blatantly misquoted Arnold Kling. The evidence is clear. It was shameful enough that Maureen Dowd was able to get away with her efforts at Dowdification. Krugman should not be allowed to get away with his sloppy writing and reporting–especially given the fact that the sloppy writing and reporting smeared Arnold Kling’s good name.

Pressure on this score should not relent until a correction is issued. As I write this, there is no correction either on Krugman’s editorial, or on his blog. Krugman makes it a habit to viciously attack the motives and honesty of his political opponents. The longer he goes without correcting the record and admitting that he misquoted and smeared Kling, the less standing he has–assuming that he ever had the standing in the first place–to give such lectures in the future.