Love Is In The Air . . .

In Iraq:

Romance is in the air in Baghdad as war-weary Iraqis celebrate Valentine’s Day after a sharp drop in violence, allowing lovers to cautiously hold hands in parks and to buy gifts for their sweethearts.

Public courtship and more daring clothing for women are increasing after years of growing intolerance, perhaps signaling the Islamic dogma and conservatism that accompanied Iraq’s slide into sectarian slaughter may be losing their grip.

“You cannot imagine how happy I am today,” said Usama Abdul-Wahab Khatab, a recent university graduate nestled beside his girlfriend at a riverside Baghdad park.

Hmmm . . . a “sharp drop in violence” helped bring this about. Perhaps–just perhaps–a “sharp drop in violence” has also helped to bring about a whole host of other beneficial and positive societal changes in the country as well. Naturally, of course, this leads one to speculate on what might have caused the “sharp drop in violence” that has helped bring about all of these beneficial and societal changes, including the increased ability of Iraqis to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a state of relative peace and tranquility.

Curiously enough, the article makes no mention whatsoever of the likely causes of the “sharp drop in violence” that Iraq is experiencing. So I will make mention of them: (1) The surge; and (2) the counterinsurgency strategy. Recall that both were opposed by the President and Vice President of the United States, who have yet to admit that their stances in opposition were in error.