What Did John Murtha Know And When Did He Know It?

Fishy, fishy, fishy stuff. Of course, it is more than a little terrifying to think that a group of people may have had their identities appropriated for the purpose of hiding campaign donations. And the following is important to emphasize:

Federal election laws limit the amount of money individuals may contribute to candidates, but lobbying firms often show their clout by collecting and bundling contributions. It is illegal for employers to reimburse donors for their contributions.The Washington Post examined contributions that were reported as being made by PMA employees and consultants and found several people who were not registered lobbyists and did not work at the lobbying firm. It is unclear whether the donors misidentified as PMA associates are part of the federal probe. A PMA spokesman said the firm’s management does not know Hoffman or Hendricksen and doesn’t know how the errors were made in reports to the Federal Elections Commission.

“It’s up to the [candidates’] campaigns to report contributions in their FEC filings,” said PMA spokesman Patrick Dorton. FEC spokeswoman Mary Brandenberger said she has not often seen such misidentified donations, but if a complaint were received, the commission would first question the campaign about its record-keeping.

So there are clearly some due diligence issues for John Murtha’s office to clear up. Any chance that we could make sure that pressure will be exerted on him until he does so, and that he pays a political price if he refuses?