The New, Old Protectionism

I try anew to fight the good fight against protectionism in my latest article over at The New Ledger. An excerpt includes my hope that:

the Obama Administration will abandon “Buy American” provisions and other protectionist measures and instead, truly encourage the buying of American products by ensuring that free trade principles not only remain intact, but also thrive in the coming years. Only through the pursuit of free trade policies will the Obama Administration ensure the long term success of American products and services, and thus, the prosperity of American companies and the workers they employ. By use of a a famous parody, the great economist Frédéric Bastiat exposed the fundamental flaws and weaknesses of protectionism. We ought not paper over those flaws and obliterate our historical memory. Doing so will only serve to make a bad economic situation much, much worse.

Read on for more, which includes a cage match between me and Senator Sherrod Brown.