So Much For Bipartisanship

Link. If true, then it should not be too much to ask for media condemnation. This kind of behavior goes against everything the President promised he would seek to engender in the culture of Washington. George W. Bush got pilloried as a “divider,” a “polarizer,” and “hyperpartisan” for a whole lot less.

In other stimulus-related news, we have this. You know, Caterpillar also wants to have a bilateral free trade deal enacted between the United States and Colombia sometime before the Cubs finally win the World Series. Where is the Administration’s sense of urgency on that issue?

In non-stimulating news, good point. Why is the President trying to put the kibosh on growth-generating economic activities like tourism? On the upside, this mini-kerfuffle gives us yet another opportunity to watch Harry Reid tie himself in knots via the mere act of opening his mouth.