Health Care Rationing In The Obama Stimulus Package

Betsy McCaughey has the goods on the Obama Administration’s efforts to establish a cookie-cutter approach to health care that will entail rationing, especially for seniors who, according to the Administration’s plans, have to be prepared to accept “the conditions that come with age instead of treating them.” In addition, according to the Administration’s policy designs–designs that were written into the language of the stimulus plan by Tom Daschle before his tax cheatin’ heart conspired to include him out of the Administration–we ought to be prepared to accept what Daschle calls “hopeless diagnoses” and as a consequence, “forgo experimental treatments.”

It isn’t often that I run across a set of policies that are positively ghoulish. But thanks to the Administration’s stimulus package, I have. If there were more time to consider the package and debate all of its particulars in detail, perhaps more people would have taken notice of these frightening health care provisions and enough support could have been ginned up to stop this flawed and inhumane package dead in its tracks.

But of course, the Administration will have none of that. Better–from its standpoint–to bully Congress and the public into accepting a flawed stimulus package than to allow its legislative proposals to be exposed and picked apart–as they surely would be. Add to this lack of transparency the decision by the President to break his promise and not allow legislation submitted to him to remain on the Internet for the public to examine and you have an Administration that is just as secretive as it claimed the Bush Administration was.

The Administration’s supporters can start calling shenanigans on this behavior any time now. I mean, presumably, they don’t like it when anyone undermines governmental transparency. Right?