Nomination Dasched

The Tom Daschle Affair has come to what should have been its expected end. My comments can be found in my latest New Ledger column, in which I invoke the Muse of Cosell. Excerpt:

Slowly but surely, the scales are falling from our eyes when it comes to taking the measure of the Obama Administration. We realize that its members are not ten feet tall. And along with that, we realize that its policies have not been handed down from Sinai. The Obama Administration’s missteps have reminded us that the President and his minions are human. Human beings make mistakes. Sometimes, those mistakes are found in the policies an Administration tries to implement. And that means that however charming the President, however tough and ruthless the staff and Cabinet around him, we ought to question those policies, argue against what we find to be wrong, and feel liberated to offer policy alternatives of our own.

When he got chosen to be the HHS Secretary and the White House’s health czar, Tom Daschle must have felt empowered to implement his vision of health care reform. By his withdrawal, and by what that withdrawal has signified about the Obama Administration, perhaps he has empowered us, after being on the political defensive for so long, to advance our views on what health care reform ought to look like.

Tom Daschle’s defenders argued that he was and is a great public servant. By his example, he may have accidentally proven them right.

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