You Know Who Would Vote Against Tom Daschle's Nomination For HHS Secretary?

Tom Daschle. That’s who.

The former Senate Majority Leader has done far more to earn the distrust of the Senate than have his erstwhile victims while Daschle was a Senate floor leader and had the power to order his fellow Democrats to sink the nominations of people he essentially targeted for political purposes. Why his nomination should not similarly sleep with the fishes is beyond me . . . unless we just want to throw consistency completely out the window, of course.

Meanwhile, Ezra Klein informs us that because “[t]he Senate knows Tom Daschle. He gets the benefit of the doubt,” because “watching his Senate colleagues rally around him actually underscores Daschle’s fitness for the job,” and because “[w]atching Daschle’s former colleagues leap to his defense and attest to his integrity and fairness”.

No. Really. He writes that. And he expects you to believe it.